Review: Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

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Imagine Dragons - Night VisionsImagine Dragons possesses a sound that so unique to today’s world of music that I can honestly say, I haven’t heard anything quite like it. Taking electronic sounds with slight tones of house music and dubstep and crossing that with you’re average indie band instruments, Imagine Dragons is really one of a kind. This summer they released their new album, “Night Visions”.

The first song off the album, “Radioactive”, really seems to capture the essence of Imagine Dragons; their sound, and their lyrical depth. The song seems to portray a message about change and not fitting into the norm. “I raise my flags, don my clothes, it’s a revolution I suppose.” The sound that the band creates in this song is so powerful and makes the listener actual feel like they are preparing for a revolution. It is rare that a band can take a sound alone, and have it resonate in the emotions of a listener regardless of lyrics. Imagine Dragons does this very thing, the lyrics add upon it.

The song “Tiptoe”, is another brilliant example of the band’s blend of instrumentation. The song starts off with a few simple guitar chords then progressing into a techno-like riff. The verse seems rather mellow, resting in a minor key but still finding a rather playful sound. The breakdown in the bridge is genius with all instruments fading out except for the drums, vocals, and subtle synthesizers. The vocals in this song fit beautifully, adding to the mellow feel while allowing the instruments to add little elements of audible fun.

“Demons” seems to be another fan favorite. This song, like “Tiptoe”, finds itself on the quieter end of the bands spectrum. The harmonies with the vocals are spot on. What really seems to carry this song is it’s percussion. The drums are crisp and simple but bold. The filter on the guitar blends perfectly with the keys. The song speaks of the dark side that we all carry. The writer speaks of our demons as simply a part of life, something we can’t control but that we all should be cautious about.

“Bleeding Out” seems to speak of the writers search for meaning in life. We hear the lyrics tell of a hopeless man looking for meaning, holding on for what is perceived to be either a friend or a lover. Once again, the percussion plays a big part in this song. The vocals and the synths blend quite well. Again, this song is another example of a song that resonates with the listener. The music and lyrics combine for a bold and powerful touch.

Night Visions is definitely my favorite album right now. I have listened to it over and over again. It is musically brilliant and I would definitely suggest it to everyone. Check it out and feel free to comment letting me know what you think.

-Tim LaPointe

September 2012 Issue Released

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September 2012 CoverOur first issue of the 2012-2013 school year has just been released! In it, you’ll find the latest articles written by CIU students, faculty, and alumni.

Someone Worth Dying For?……………… 1
by Blake Baggott
Misconceptions: Fearing Muslims?
……………… 1
by Dr. Warren Larson
……………… 2
by Dr. Warren Larson
A Cautionary Tale……page 4
by Aaron Sobey
Salt and Light……… 5
by Sarah Light
Your Movie Filter… 6
by Harlan Roddey
Student Senate……… 7
by Josh Cornelissen

You can view the issue by clicking here or on the image to the left.

Be sure to leave a comment regarding your thoughts on the issue; we’d love to hear what you’re thinking!

Crossover Communications International Announces New President

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Crossover LogoColumbia, SC — Crossover Communications International recently announced the appointment of Ken Katayama as its second president in its 25-year history.  The president is responsible for developing new ministry opportunities and guiding the USA base with other autonomous Crossover bases located in Australia, Brazil, Moldova, and New Zealand.

A native of Curitiba, Brazil, Ken first joined Crossover in Brazil in 1999 as a short-term ministry coordinator.  In 2006, Ken moved to the USA office and became a citizen of the United States where he served in other capacities within the Crossover-USA office until this appointment.  Ken said, “I am humbled and deeply honored to have been chosen to lead our ministry as we seek to move into a new season of planting multiplying churches among the unreached peoples of the world.”

Bill Jones, founder and first president of Crossover, has assumed the chairmanship of Crossover’s International Leadership Team and will provide counsel and assistance to all of Crossover’s presidents.

About Crossover Communications International
Crossover, a globally integrated church planting movement, intensely desires to see God glorified among all the peoples of the world. Founded in 1987, today Crossover serves on six continents and has planted many churches among the unreached peoples of the world. Crossover passionately seeks to glorify God as a catalyst for planting multiplying churches among the unreached peoples of the world. For more information about Crossover, visit

Jimmy Beacham
Director: Communications & IT

May 2012 Protest IssueThe Pilgrim’s Protest has just released its May 2012 issue. This issue covers a multitude of topics, including the complete first edition of the CIU Bucket List! We sincerely hope that you enjoy our final issue of the 2011-2012 school year.

The complete list of articles is as follows!

  • Living in Denial by Hans Helland
  • God Placement by Kirsten Richardson
  • Learning from Hymns by Nathan Hoisington
  • In Defense of Youth Ministry by Jamie Smith
  • Mating Tactics of CIU Male by Aaron Sobey
  • Embracing the Fairy Tale by Life Zak Ellison

You can view the issue by either clicking here, or on the image to the left.

Dr. Farra Receives Award from STSMOn April 12th the CIU Psychology Department was presented an award for Community Partner Appreciation from Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands (STSM). The award honors the dedication and hard work that past and present psychology students have given to the organization.

Dr. Stephen Farra accepted the award on behalf of the students who volunteer with STSM. The award reads as follows: “Columbia International University Psychology Program: For your outstanding partnership with the Volunteer Program at Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands and commitment to providing services to sexual assault and abuse survivors. Community Partner Appreciation Award, 2012.”

This semester alone, CIU psych students have contributed over three hundred volunteer hours for their practicums. STSM provides 25 hours of training for students to become patient advocates. The patient advocate stays in the room of a sexual assault survivor while the medical staff at the emergency room treats them and does a forensic interview. The advocate informs the survivor of the procedures that are going to take place and assists the survivor in finding clothing, shelter or other needs they may have during their time of crisis.

Being a patient advocate benefits both CIU psych students and STSM. The students get a glimpse into the real world of sexual assault and trauma and STSM is able to have their paid staff handle counseling in-office instead of at the hospital.

CIU students currently volunteering are Alex Dugas, Sara Collins and Baron O’Neal. Past and present students who have volunteered with STSM credit the tutelage of Dr. Caudill and Dr. Farra for giving them the ground work in preparation for handling the difficult and daunting challenge of working with Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands.

– By Baron O’Neal

CIU Alumna Wins Three Dove Awards

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Laura StoryWhat if your blessings come through raindrops? What if your healing comes through tears?

Those are questions we often avoid pondering. But for Spartanburg, S.C. native and 2003 Columbia International University alumna Laura Story, those questions are real life.

Story, a Christian singer/songwriter made those questions the theme of a song titled “Blessings,” written after her husband Martin Elvington developed a brain tumor in 2006. Story says the song is a reminder that God remains faithful even when He doesn’t answer our prayers the way we want Him to.

But little did Story know that the song would earn her a 2012 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Song in February, and three Dove Awards in April. She took home the Dove for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year for “Blessings.” The title track of that album also won both Song of the Year and Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song categories.

The Dove Awards are sponsored by the Gospel Music Association (GMA). The 4,000-member GMA is dedicated to promoting the gospel through a variety of music styles.

Soon after receiving her Grammy Award, Story announced that she and Martin are expecting their first child. At the Dove Awards she announced that they had just learned that day that the baby is a girl.

“She’ll be my new release,” Story joked with the media.

For more on Laura Story and the Dove Awards visit:

Founded in 1923, Columbia International University is private, Christian and multidenominational. CIU specializes in Bible-centered professional development that prepares students to impact the nations with the message of Christ in ministry, missions and the marketplace. The university is recognized for its emphasis on biblical authority and world evangelization.

Contact: Bob Holmes
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Columbia International University
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CIU Students to “Occupy Fleece”

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CIU RamsYou’ve heard of “Occupy Wall Street.”  But you’ve probably never heard of “Occupy Fleece.”

It’s more of a party, than a protest.

On Jan. 17, the G. Allen Fleece Library at Columbia International University will open for the first time since a devastating fire in May 2009 closed the library for repairs and renovations.  CIU students will celebrate the opening with “Occupy Fleece.”  Students will camp out overnight in tents in a quad area outside the library and wake up to a celebration featuring music, games and an outdoor breakfast.  At 7:30 the library will officially open with the blowing of a shofar, a ram’s horn used in ancient times to signal a celebration.  The CIU mascot is the Ram.

CIU Residence Life Director Mike Thompson says the event is the brainchild of three sophomores: Challie Shaver, Jamie Baker and Michelle Miller.

“They were telling me how excited they are that the library is opening, and at first I didn’t think much about it.”  Thompson said.  “Then it dawned on me that as sophomores, they had never used the library because of the fire.”

A temporary building, dubbed by the students, “The Book Barn” has been used as the library since the fire.

Once the library opens for business at 7:30, students will enter and be given a ticket for a drawing for Kindles and gift cards.

The library is named in honor of the second president of CIU, G. Allen Fleece.  It first opened in 1968.

The official dedication of the renovated library is scheduled for Jan. 24 at 11:30 a.m. and will include members of the Fleece family.

Founded in 1923, Columbia International University is private, Christian and multidenominational.  CIU specializes in Bible-centered professional development that prepares students to impact the nations with the message of Christ in ministry, missions and the marketplace.  The university is recognized for its emphasis on biblical authority and world evangelization.

Contact: Bob Holmes
Communications Manager
Columbia International University
(803) 807-5071
(803) 518-8200 (cell)

December 2011 Pilgrims Protest CIUApologies for a day-late post, but our latest issue is now online! You can view it by clicking here, or on the picture to the left. As usual, we hope that you’ll leave a comment on the issue; it’s your feedback that helps guide what we do in the future!

In this issue, our skilled staff members and guests have tackled the following topics:

  • A Silver Lining – Liza Worth, CIU Alumna
  • Are you Hurting? – Amanda Keeny
  • Not My Business – David Craft
  • Mighty to Shave – Andrew Steier
  • Movie Review: Courageous – Wes Carnley
  • A Letter to the Professors – The Pilgrim’s Protest Staff

October 2011 IssueGreetings, readers! We just wanted to inform you that our latest issue has just been released online! As usual, we’ve covered many different genres and stories, so be sure to tell us how you feel about what you read by heading over to the comments section!

In this issue, we have the following articles:

  • A Pro-Movement Provost – by Lauren Forester
  • Interview with Leeland- by David Craft
  • Take a Closer Look – by Sarah Light
  • To Whom Does the Great Commission Apply? – by Dr. Chris Little
  • Leader Versus Follower – by Andrew Letchworth
  • Getting Enough “Face Time”? – by Deborah Crutchfield
  • A History of Pranks – by Lauren Forester
  • Basic Conversation Survival Tips for the Young – by Adult Jesse Mast

Click here to view the issue online!

The latest issue of The Pilgrim’s Protest has just been released! In this issue, we’ve covered several topics, but our staple this time around is on the controversial topic of Harry Potter. In addition to a brief introduction by Dr. John Crutchfield, we’ve had two of CIU’s English professors write about their take on the Harry Potter series. Both take very different stances, but they both make excellent points.

  • Also in this issue, we have:
  • Library Updates – Hannah Najjar
  • Interview with Mike Galdamez – Lauren Forester
  • Falling Up album review – David Craft
  • Bringing the News to You – Kirsten Richardson
  • Plus a section introducing all of our staff members, whether new or old!

Be sure to read the articles, and see what you agree with. After you’ve done so, feel free to share your thoughts on this topic by posting a comment on this website!

You can view the .PDF file of this issue by clicking here, or by clicking on the picture to the left.